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True jewel of the tropical forests surrounding the Arusha National Park. Over 50 meters high, powerful and breathtaking, situated in the jungle on the outskirts of Mt. Meru, just 2 hours trek away from the main road. Experience the wild ecosystem following the trail up a stream with a stunning surprise at the end!

Why should you go?

This is the perfect option for you if you are short on time, maybe just an overnight stay in Arusha. You will see the more rural parts of the city, high in the hills before entering a protected forest area. There, you will experience the pristine nature of a tropical rainforest. To get to the waterfall, you will have to climb down a slope to reach the stream bed and then continue up the stream until we reach the waterfall. On the way you may see various forms of tropical wildlife, beautiful mossy rock formations with water dripping down from the cliffs, huge trees and nobody around. Just you and the Jungle. Then, from between the rocky banks an enourmous column of water will appear. Majestic and strong enough to create its own wind and mist that will soak your clothes in seconds, that is if you don't take them off soon enough. If you're brave enough  you can even climb a rocky face and stand beneath the waterfall for the best shot of your life!


Don't forget to bring your camera!

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What's included?

We drive out at 9:00 in the morning. We only drive a short distance to where the road changes to a dirt path and city architecture gives way to rural houses.

From there we trek into the hills admiring the view of the city below us. It takes roughly 1-2 hours to reach the protected forest reserve.

At the gate, you'll be able to order food for lunch that will be served when we return. We then follow a path in the forest that leads down to the river bed. It can be very slippery at times, especially when it'd been raining recently. Bring proper hiking boots as it will require some agility and strength to get down the slope.

We then follow the stream up, crossing it several times on the way. You may get your shoes wet while jumping across the rocks protruding from the water. Best to bring sandals so that you can just walk in the stream.

When we reach the waterfall, you can bathe in the pool of water beneath it. It is not deep enough to swim. The waterfall will soak whatever clothes you have on you in seconds so be sure to have a spare set. We spend up to 2 hours at the waterfall and then follow the same path back to the gate where lunch is waiting for you.

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